Cannot find draft emails

This question has been asked before and the available answers are not helping. I am the master admin on my troop’s account, but I cannot find my draft emails. Any ideas? Thanks.

@Karen_Loggia, I would think as the master admin you would have the manage Troop members privilege but double check under your profile, privileges. Had you added a group to the draft before closing it?

Everything is selected under my profile, I THINK. I feel like I got into trouble here before where I thought I was adding privileges but was on the wrong screen. So, I guess could you confirm where I should go to confirm my privileges?

Yes, I added a group before closing it (parent list).


@Karen_Loggia, Easiest way to see your own is your name menu then Your Profile:
Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 2.26.09 PM

Then select the Privileges tab:
You want Unit access level and all sub boxes checked.

Thanks. Yes I do have those checked off!

@Karen_Loggia, Ok with your access level, and permissions verified, and you are selecting Communicate, Send an Email, selecting a list to send to, typing a subject and something in the body then Save as Draft. Then go to Communicate, Recent Messages. If it does not show up there then you would need to send an e-mail to and let them know everything you checked but it is still not working and they can investigate further. I just did a test and my Draft was saved so the system itself is functioning, so perhaps it is something specific to your group or account.

Thank you. I will submit a ticket.

Karen, one mistake I was making when I first started using this feature was not having a recipient. You have to select a group or a member, or type an email address under non members. If you don’t have someone selected/entered, the draft will not save. I hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:

Thank you - I will try that as well!