Email RVSPing to an Event after RSVP Deadline

Although the system warns you that the RSVP deadline has passed it still records your RSVP. This leads to issues when we are trying to determine headcount and people keep RSVPing.

Are you saying they are able to RSVP after the RSVP Deadline has passed if they use the Direct RSVP Link from within the invitation or reminder e-mail message?

Yes, that is exactly what happened for an event we have this Saturday. The cutoff is 4/30 but I was able to go to the email last night and RSVP with the link. And this morning the leader who is organizing the event noticed that a girl who hadn’t RSVP yet was set to coming. She thought I may have updated her but she did the same thing I did.

I will get this over to TT admins. Thanks.

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