RSVP Deadline Reminder

On our previous site there was an automated email sent 2 days before the RSVP deadline to remind everyone that the deadline is approaching. Currently here we only have a reminder sent out to remind everyone about the event itself. Is there a way to add this?


Hi @troop40072,

We don’t have an automatic email sent our with the deadline, but we do have a “Send Reminders When” feature associated with each event. You would just need to tell the reminder to send 2 days before the deadline.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi! Yes I know about that one, but I was hoping to not have to go back in to change it again to remind of the upcoming event. It would be nice to have one specifically for the RSVP Deadline and maybe have the email subject as that. Ours used to look like this:

[GS Troop40072] Signup Deadline Reminder- [Name of Event Here]

Then we’d have one to remind of the event that looked like this:

[GS Troop40072] Event Reminder - Name of Event Here]

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We’d be happy to consider it, but the general impression I’ve been getting is “less emails = more attention”. Let’s hear what the community has to say.


You can put a check box to “Send rsvp reminder” to limit emails when needed.
I would like this feature. I also would like to put the rsvp dates on the calendar.

I go back and forth on the idea of more e-mails equals more people ignoring them vs people not getting the information they need. While we want event notifications to go out early enough for them to have time to decide if they are going and RSVP but not so early that they get lost in the plethora of messages. Then there is the reminder which again you want early enough to give them a push to RSVP but again not so early that there may be other events happening before it. We have manually sent out reminders, but we are also fairly new at TT so it is taking time to get our scouts especially but their parents used to using TT for RSVP. I personally do like this idea as I am big on communication but am also not sure if its just to much from the general users perspective.

We used scoutlander which automatically set a reminder at the rsvp deadline with a link to the event. That is pretty much when all rsvp’s came. They relied on that email.

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Yes same here! That’s exactly what would happen, parents would wait until they got the email to RSVP