Email to members who have not registered?

We’re getting our Troop on TT after the collapse of SOAR. Only 40% of our membership have accepted the Invite to Register I (an admin) sent them.

If a member sends email to the members@trooptrack (or any Magic Mailing List), do the members who have NOT yet accepted the Invite receive the email?

When I email, the TT receipt says it sent it to them all, but my direct queries seem to indicate those who did not yet register on TT do not receive them, but it is hard to be sure. Is there another explanation?

Thanks, Dean

I have found most email systems start putting it in spam until you start interacting with the emails. I would tell your members to look there.

Dean, I’m pretty sure that if anyone’s email is in TT, in their profile, they would get an email, regardless of whether or not they’ve set up an account.
You can check to see who an email was actually sent to. Go to Communicate–>recent messages, then next to the appropriate email, select Actions–>read.
I will share that Yahoo doesn’t seem to like TT emails, so a lot of people with Yahoo accounts have issues with receiving emails.
And, as stated above, checking spam is good advice. :slight_smile:

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Yes, @KMessinger196 is correct, as long as the e-mail address is in TT the person will receive an e-mail. The invitation is strictly for the secondary function of logging into TT as a user.