User Not getting Emails

I have a member who says she is not getting emails. She has checked her spam folder and her email is correct. She previously received emails so I am wondering if maybe she unsubscribed.
If someone does this would it appear on the Communications Problems screen? If not, how would I see this and reset it for a user/member?

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I found if using the magic list for members, if the member did not have “registered member” checked in their profile, they did’t receive the email. Going in and checking the box for each member fixed all our missed emails.

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That is a great suggestion. Unfortunately, we have done a test email specifically to her and she didn’t receive it.
Also when I go to edit the profile information where it displays registered member I don’t have a check box for that anymore. I wouldn’t know how to change it anyway.

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Have you checked under Communicate - Settings - Communication Problems? If a message had bounced back to TT from this users e-mail for some reason it would be listed there and you can select to enable it if you know it should be working now.

I am having the same issue with one of our members.

  1. I have checked and confirmed the correct email.
  2. I have resent her an invite to join TT (she did not receive).
  3. She has checked her spam folder
  4. I have sent her a test email (not received)
  5. I checked the “communication problems” and her information is accurate and up-to-date.

Any other leads?

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I’m having the exact same issue with one of my members. Following…

I did the same thing and got the same results. I sent an email to support (with the user and her email.) They found that she had marked an email as spam at some point and so they needed to remove her from that list.
Their response time was over a week but they did fix it. Until I heard back from them I just forwarded every TT email I got to that user so they didn’t miss anything.

Thank you! I will try that!