View Uploaded Files & Photos

Is there any way that we can see all the files and photos have been uploaded to TroopTrack? Furthermore, is there a way to clean out the cache?

I have noticed from time to time that if I upload a photo logo to an event page, and come back some time later, TroopTrack has gotten confused and pulled the wrong photo. Sometimes it’s a photo that I have never uploaded before. I have also seen this in emails. When I first push out an email everything looks fine. But if I pull that email up a few weeks later, I have seen completely different photos in their place. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened. I suspect that I perhaps named something the same as something already existing in the system and TroopTrack got confused.

My thought was, if I were able to see a listing of all the files and photos that have been uploaded to TroopTrack I could better manage those assets.

I did notice an option in the image uploader tool that you could “manage images” (Third tab on the upload tool). But when I click on it, only a blank screen pops up.

There is no way to see all of the files that have been uploaded. There was a thread a while back about images with the same name being uploaded and not replaced. I forgot what the outcome was.