Event API search failure

I’m searching for events that happen on 11/6 inside my troop. I use this as my URL:
When I call this, I get one event that is at 6 PM that day, but I don’t get the event at 7 PM that day. If I change the “end_on” to 2017-11-08, then I get both events. And even funnier, if I change the start_on to 2017-11-07, I still get both events.

So, there’s something wrong here with the event search by dates. I expect to see 2 events between 11/6 and 11/7 and no events between 11/7 and 11/8.

Right now, I’m going to work around this issue by adding on another day to my search criteria. But it would be better if the search would correctly honor the request here.

Sounds like a timezone related bug to me.

I thought of that.

If I ask for events between 11/6 and 11/7 and get 1 event called A and then ask for events between 11/7 and 11/8 and get events A and B, then how can A be in both sets? The only possible way is if A starts or ends on midnight 11/7 and some how the search looks for both end and start time inclusive. I would think the search would be start time inclusive and end time non-inclusive.

So, maybe my expectation of only start-time inclusive is the issue?