Issue inputting mileage & time

There seems to be an issue caused by the discrepancy between our local time and the server’s timezone. This blocks us from being able to immediately record attendee mileage and time following an event that we just completed, until a number of hours have passed.

Can we enable the ability to input time and miles regardless of whether TroopTrack believes the event has passed?

Hi @GarrettMcNamara,

I’d love to help you out. Are you saying there’s a delay from when an event ends and that due to this delay TroopTrack isn’t allowing you to record miles hiked, or nights camped, for a short period of time? If you could just clarify more on this problem, and perhaps if you have any screenshots you could upload those as well.

I’m sorry for any frustrations and for such a long wait time. If you’re still having this problem let me know.

David Keener