Email sent to Troop with wrong time listed

We have an event on our calendar set up starting at 5pm and ending at 7pm. The email that went out to the Troop states the event is from 10pm-11pm. The date is correct, but the time is wrong. I’ve looked at the event on the calendar and cannot determine where the 10pm to 11pm time is coming from.

Those screenshots are of two different events. The date of November 2nd at 10pm shows Day 3, double check that event. Day 1 is October 11th at 5pm.

Thanks Aaron for cathching that. Here is screen shot from TT for the Nov 2 event that shows it is set for 5-7pm.

It seems like this will be something that will need to be sent to but just a couple other things to double check before doing so. Under the Gear menu and Edit Troop Settings, Troop Info double check the Time Zone that is set. Also double check the time zone setting on your computer or device. If everything else is correct and especially if other messages are correct then send this one specifically to support.

If it were a time zone issue I would expect the email to display both the start and end time to be off by the same amount.
Event is set to 5pm - 7pm.
The email states start at 10pm and end at 11pm.
I checked the time zone setting on TrooTrack and also my laptop and they match – set to Eastern time.

Thanks for your help

How to I report this to support – I thought i was doing that by posting it in the “bugs” section.

No, this is mostly a User Community. The best thing would be to e-mail with your screen shots and the link to the event. Plus you can mention that you checked the timezone. The last thing I thought of would it be possible the event was setup incorrectly initially and a message was sent out immediately then it was changed?