Event Invite Groups

Currently invite groups are either magic mailing lists or custom mailing lists, which are either fixed or require manual updating.

Is it possible to link the new mailboxes as invite groups, and/or add all the leadership positions as invite groups?

It is possible, but I think more people would be mad if we did this for everyone so your best option here is to make custom mailing lists.

Thank you.

Can the leadership positions be added to invite groups so that they don’t have to be manually updated? just inclusive of those with current leadership positions? Less manual entry involved.

The Leader Magic Mailing list contains all leadership roles automatically. If you want leaders included other magic mailing lists, they just have to physically be there in the Manage > Units/Sections/Patrols/Dens/Troops page. So if I have a “Firefox” den, my leader needs to be in that den if I want him or her to automatically receive emails associated to that list.

Does that make sense? Or maybe I’m missing your meaning completely. Just let me know.

Not all leadership roles are available to us as invite groups.

We have as magic lists; All, adults, youth, leaders, created dens/patrols.

I’m looking to add all of the leadership positions. These are currently not available. For us this looks like;

  • Assistant Patrol Leader
  • Cub Scout Leader
  • Group Leader
  • Joey Leader
  • Pack Leader
  • Patrol Leader
  • Scout Leader
  • Seconder
  • Sixer
  • Venturer Leader

So you want individual mailing lists for each of those positions? I’m afraid that’s going to be something you have to create with custom mailing lists.