Magic Mailing Lists based on roles - expanded functionality

Looking to get feedback on this idea. We would like to see more functionality added to the magic mailing lists. Currently there is one for anyone with a leadership role, but not one for specific leadership roles. I tried using a patrol to simulate the functionality, but that created issues, and we couldn’t add members to more than one patrol, so they couldn’t be on more than one these “custom” magic lists.

I would like to see one for at least committee members, but the other roles could be helpful as well. We use a custom mailing list for this now, which is ok, but expect that magic mailing lists should be able to pick this up.

To further the functionality, there could be the option to select which roles (any, not just leaders) would be included in generating a magic list, so you could pick and choose across all members.


It would be good to have magic mailing lists by rank as well. We often need to target scouts at a certain rank level for events or meetings.

I love this idea. A sort of hybrid between a custom and magic list. Custom, because you name the list pick the roles associated with the list, and magic because it picks the members based on their role. A certain other management software has it, and it’s well useful.