Events - better than ever. (09/10/2015)

It's been a big week, with lots of new stuff and critical improvements. But it's only Thursday and heck, we aren't done yet!

This morning we bring you two new features that are among our most requested enhancements:

1) You can now choose attendees to events using mailing lists. I've also tried to make the event invite section stand out a bit more.

2) Attendance sheets now include totals.

And now, a request from us to all of you. We are working on a dashboard concept. The dashboard will be customized based on your role in the troop. We are planning to start with 3 dashboards:

- Admin dashboard (based on privileges)
- Parent dashboard
- Scout dashboard

For each of these dashboards, what would you want to see? How would it look? 

I once asked users for some feedback on the layout of TroopTrack, and a super kind user actually sent me HTML and CSS for a redesign. We totally used it. So if you have the skills to mock up one of these dashboards, send it to and we will use it to inspire us.