Customer feedback surveys and more! (03/03/2016)

This morning we released a few significant improvements and some bug fixes:

1) When we "solve" one of your support requests, the email you receive will include a section for you to rate the support you received. It's really important to us that you take a minute and let us know how we did - customer support is a big part of our never-ending quest to make TroopTrack better every day.

2) When you rate a help desk ticket, you will also be able to leave comments if you desire.

3) The "full edit" link on meeting schedules was intended to take you to the "full" form for editing events, but it did the same thing as the quick edit link. This is now fixed.

4) There was a minor security issue in the way meeting events were saved. We have fixed this.

5) The columns on the meeting schedule detailed view were not lined up properly. Fixed it!

6) We gave you more room for the description fields in meeting events.

Have a great day!


~ Dave