Events not crediting for multiple items

We have had 2 events where we have set up the event so that scouts could purchase multiple of an item or items. The event creates an order for the correct amount and debits the correct amount from the scout TT account to our default account. However, when transferring items to the appropriate money account it will only transfer 1 of that item. Example: Event created to purchase patches for Backyard camping. Scout purchases 4 patches and TT debits correct amount for 4 patches from their TT account to our default account. Then, it only moves the amount for 1 patch to the Backyard Camping money account. Are we setting the event up incorrectly? Is there an issue we are unaware of? Please advise.

Hi @MichelleFrink,

Is this still happening?

TroopTrack should be moving all funds paid as a result from an event into the correlating event account.

I was able to pull up your account and take a look at the Backyard Camping money account. Did you already edit those entries to be correct? Because I see the transactions in both the Troop Desposits money account and the Backyard Camping money account being correct. Were those transactions initially $3.50 each and you then later edited them to be $7 and $14?

Please let me know, and I can help get to the bottom of this.


This is happening for us as well, I am leaving it out there not fixed so you can see. It is on the Event: Test Event for Saturday August 22nd. I tested ording 2 T-Shirts and it only put the amount for one T-Shirt in the Pay Pal Account and the Event Account, but put the $10 for two shirts in the TT Account (Fonda Logstonā€™s).