COMING SOON: Default event money account setting

If you’ve read our EXPLAINER: How the shopping cart works, then you know that TroopTrack has changed the way transactions are handled when members pay for events.

One thing that has caused a lot of confusion is when the same account is used for the troop default account and the event account. This particular setup causes problems because we end up transferring money into and out of the same account for each item in the cart.

To fix this problem, we are taking a more opinionated approach to how to track money in TroopTrack. We are no longer allowing the same account to be used for your default money account (which represents your checking account) and your event account. This way, it will be easy to see what payments have been made for an event.

As a result, a new payment setting will be added to TroopTrack called “default event money account”. This account will be used whenever you plan an event, but you will be able to change it if you wish. Many troops use a default account for small events but create other accounts for camps and other events that are more expensive.

You will also be able to create a new money account when you create your event if you wish.

Existing events that already use the default money account will not be affected, though we encourage you to avoid this practice.

We believe this change will help you manage your finances more clearly.

Here’s a screenshot of the new payment settings:



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A Little confused. I know it was a bit confusing because it was new, but if we understand it now why mandate it. I am more frustrated to have to use multiple accounts to track money.

Thanks for the feedback @PhillipKivel. I suppose we could still allow you to use the same account for both - that’s why I posted it here first, to see what people think.

That would be ideal

Thank you

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I like the idea of a different Event Default account, this way if we forget to change the account for an event at least it is different from the Troop Account. If its possible to allow people to specify the same account for both then if that is better for them great. I think the more choice there is the better the system will work for the different ways units function.

Thanks @AaronStorey. I have removed the rule forcing the accounts to be different.

Hi Dave - where specifically can we change the default event money account? Ours has defaulted to an old event and it’s confusing everyone.

Hi @DawnJonen,

You can change the default money account by clicking the gear icon, then “online payments”. From there you can choose a default event account and account for online payments.


David Keener

got it, thank you! I don’t have access that’s why I couldn’t find it. I will pass along to the Boss. :slight_smile: