Export in users page, links to vehicles.csv

doing a MyTroop migration, we have about 30% of our Troop moved to TroopTrack (whoohoo!)

I’m hoping to download a list of all our users, so I can send emails to those Scouts who are still getting a bearing

I’d like to send a help email to those scouts who havent successfully logged in, hoping to that I can use the Export feature in the Users page to help

When I click export, I’m given the vehicles.csv file, the URL for “export” links to TroopTrack


I also see that on Manage → Members → User Accounts the Export to CSV link does show vehicles.csv as the file to download. I will get that over to the dev team so they can look into it. The best way to get exports of data from TT is Manage → Reports → All Reports, you can create custom reports that just include the information you are after.

For those that you have imported into TT and you want to send an e-mail you can do that from within TT, if their e-mail address is all ready in you can use Communicate → Send an Email and then choose whomever you want to send to can be multiple.