20 Oct 2017 Update

We’ve left out some recent updates! Here’s the whole list:

  1. Make money deposits more consistent
  2. Created a page for requesting user transfers from one troop to another (Support > Request Member Transfer)
  3. Make it easier to select trainings by adding a search field to the form
  4. When recording award progress for event attendees, show the attendees at the top of the list of people
  5. Include retired merit badges in the Eagle Report
  6. Improve the process of creating TurboNET Advancement Report pdf’s
  7. Make it so editing a user’s patrol updates the user’s level, if applicable
  8. Users can merge user accounts from the mobile site
  9. Fix a bug where some users couldn’t record attendance
  10. Fix a bug where some patrols couldn’t be edited
  11. Fix a bug where some users couldn’t view their photo albums
  12. Fix a bug where users couldn’t upload photos
  13. Fix typo: “Monthy” => “Monthly”
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It appears that the latest update no longer allows you to go back and change the date for sending invites and reminders. If I need to change this date or add an additional invite I now have to delete the event and start over. This results in loosing any data already recorded by individuals that will be attending.

One of the reasons we continue to use TroopTrack is the calendar feature. If we are unable to easily make changes we will have to reconsider the value of TroopTrack.


@Spencer - I agree with this! Removing that capability has significantly added to the amount of time that I now have to spend to maintain our pack calendar. We add events to the calendar months in advance (we already have everything through next May), including some that we do not have specifics on (e.g. summer camp). As we get specifics it was easy to update the event to change the invite and reminder dates. Now, I have to delete the event and completely recreate it again.

Please return this capability ASAP. I am already looking at November’s calendar and dreading the hours of work that will be needed just because I need to update the reminders.

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Just noticed the same thing that the other posters on this thread commented on. I input the calendar months in advance and go to specific events when ready to edit/add details and send invitations by email. Do not like that I cannot change it now. When I first load the calendar, I don’t want to put in invitations/reminder dates right away until I have the chance to add detail. Families will not appreciate receiving invitations with just a note - “More detail coming…(sorry - had to program send times right away)” I’m trying to make sure the emails that go out are informative, relevant, and timely. The last thing we want to do is crowd users’ inboxes so that no one pays attention to emails anymore.

Please fix so that we can change invitations and reminders when needed again! Deleting and reloading events is not helpful for volunteers who are already crunched for time in their day. Not a viable option to add reminders to a personal calendar to go in and edit events to add detail before the pre-programmed invitation sends either.


Regarding the addition of a search field on the training. I want to say “thank you”. I had asked for some help on that as there are just so many options on training. I appreciate the enhancement.

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We fixed the event invites issue: Invites and Reminder Fix!