Feature Request (big) - Add lots of history tracking to TT

I know this is a big request but I am going to make it anyway. I would like you to add some history on who makes what changes and does what things in TT. This could be as simple as some SQL code to add entries to some history tables.

I would like to be able to view who changed what and when, who did what and when, etc… for instance I would like to see a history of who made changes to a scouts records, who did what administratively such as adding users, changing permissions, changing the calendar, doing money transactions, etc

If TT is a Rails based app, then I think this is pretty doable


Hi @DonHoover,

This is on our todo list. Like you said, it’s a biggie. We’ve set some requirements and milestones for it, but we need to get the rails 5 upgrade out of the way before we can proceed with it.



@mlsully2002, is your todo list posted anywhere for those of us who are curious or is there a concern we (the community) would not respect your need to keep flexibility regarding what you work next?



Actually, creating a place on the community where we can display our todo list is on the todo list. Right now we keep track of everything using github. Before anyone asks, no you may not have access to our github account.

Any updates? We need this.

Hi, any updates on History Tracking?

For the moment, unfortunately not. We have only one developer and he has a lot on his plate, so this is not something that he will be able to get to in the immediate future. However, it is on the to-do list. :slight_smile:

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