Revamped RSVP for Events

We currently use Google Forms for campout and event signups. We have them in the calendar but the details of the RSVP in Troop Track just doesn’t cut it for our needs. It would be great if there was a way to customize the questions to ask for the RSVP (with a template somewhere) and then we could use that for signups. It would also allow the original person to change their answers if necessary. A description of each question and type of response (textbox, checkbox, dropdownlist), is that option required, etc…

Ability for someone to RSVP on behalf of someone else they have the ability to access (child/parent/etc). I need to register myself and both my boys for an event and answer questions specific to them.

Have the registrations auto-charge the scout account and apply the money to an account specified on the event setup.

We’d also need to know of “cancelled” RSVPs to know who dropped out and when in case we still need to charge them.

Sample form we use with some notes:

  • Adult or Scout - would now be pulled from Troop Track (TT from here on)

  • Name - would now be pulled from TT

  • Email - would now be pulled from TT

  • Method of Payment - Check, Scout Account (would also probably add credit card options from trooptrack)

  • Expense Confirmation - Blurb saying Yeah I’ll really pay for this and they have to check the box.

  • Emergency Contact Name - For these fields, it would be great to have this info in Troop Track somewhere and have it default from the user’s profile.

  • Emergency Contact Phone

  • Emergency Alt Contact Name

  • Emergency Alt Contact Phone

  • Prescription/Medical Info/Notes

  • General Info/Notes (like Hey - I’m going to be late)
    Media Release - Legal mumbo-jumbo with Grant/Deny Permissions

  • If we’re driving somewhere, the adults also get:

  • Are you Driving?

  • Make/Model of Car

  • Insurance Amounts (stuff to fill out trip plan)

  • of Seatbelts Including Driver:

There’s other fields we periodically use for specific purposes but those are the ones on most of our trips.


Oh, forgot to add. After all the RSVPs are in, leaders of the trip need ways to print out the responses and review them so they can see the results of all the questions and act accordingly.

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This can go such a long way in streamlining the logistics of managing events. Love the idea!