Photo viewer improvement ideas

I would like to see the TroopTrack photos item improved in the following two ways.

  1. Allow for a setting that would provide a notification to troop members when new photos were uploaded to an album. Facebook and Google Photos does this via notification, and Shutterfly (our current troop photo site) does this via end-of-day email. Unless I am missing something, you need to specifically log on to Troop Track and check the photo albums “just in case.” A reminder of sorts would be very nice.

  2. Right now in order to view photos in a full-screen size, you need to either do it via the slideshow menu, or specifically download the photos. The problem is that with a larger album, when using the slideshow function, you don’t want to necessarily click through perhaps dozens of photos to linger on the ones you like. The list view is great, in that it allows you to quickly scroll through all the photos in the album…but then the pictures are small (only slightly larger than thumbnail) and if you click on them, rather than popping up large size (like Google Photos would do) you are immediately taken to a download option. I recommend that when clicking on a list-view photo, that it pops up to full-screen size, THEN you should be given a download option. Or perhaps I am just missing something simple in the settings?


I like both ideas!


Hi Michael,

Quick comment on your first idea: I’m not an avid Facebook user, but if I remember correctly, Facebook will only notify you if you are tagged in a photo. This might be something that would need to be added as well if this feature request went through. On top of that, a specific tab for photos of an individual scout in their profile would also make sense. I think this would make more sense if TroopTrack was a Social Media platform instead of Troop Management Software. I think that this might be better solved just by the uploader sending out a message saying “Campout pictures are up!” or something along those lines.

In regards to you’re second idea I totally agree with you, those pictures could be a bit bigger and something similar to google images might work a bit better (example listed below)

Thanks for your input!

  • Coleman

I don’t spend much time on Facebook, but I am a big fan of Google Photos, which will send a notification any time someone adds to a shared album that they are a member of.

Also, our current troop photo venue is Shutterfly. I am not a huge fan of the site, as it is slow, at times confusing, and ad-laden. However one thing I like a lot is that at the end of any calendar day in which someone added pictures to an album, an email is sent out to all members of the site (i.e. most of the families in our troop). That is a feature that I like.

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