Remove "Maybe" from RSVP or Give Us the Ability to Turn it off

Having the “maybe” section now missing from all events, it is highly confusing when people put “Maybe” then disappear from the event. I propose either:

  1. “Maybe” is removed from the system completely. If people don’t answer Yes/No then it’s assumed their answer is maybe anyway.


  1. For each event, the event creator can decide if “maybe” should even be an option (when RSVPs really matter, maybe isn’t helpful for headcounts, etc.)

Either way having to go in a manually scroll to find names of those who said “Maybe” is time consuming.

I feel like this has to be a bug now. I just realized that when I put a few of our members has “Maybe” they have disappeared from the event list completely. The Possibly Going section of the RSVPs no longer showing on our event. I’ve always used the Possibly Going as a waitlist for my troop. I would love a wait list feature more than a Possibly going, but Mycrookedcreek is right. If they aren’t going to show up in the event summary, then Maybe needs to be removed from the RSVP options. If it’s just a bug that Possibly Going isn’t available, then I guess we are reporting it as a bug! Thanks TT team!

It’s not a bug. I was told on another thread by admin that the “maybe” section was removed to simplify the event pages :confused: