Filter Leadership Titles and Training Dropdown

First - I am very thankful to have the TroopTrack staff be responsive by adding Leadership titles for positions of responsibility like “Youth Protection Champion” or “Troop Knot Master”.

Second - you guys are very responsive in adding and adjusting training types too, like the various CPR, NYLT, Univeristy of Scouting, Virtus…

I suggest that you allow a filter to be added in the Manage Troop section that will allow Units to select the positions and training relevant to the Unit. For example - I don’t use “Troop Knot Master”.

I would like to deselect a lot of choices to make it easier to update the relevant training / leadership.

As a Boy Scout Troop - I’m not concerned with Sea Scouting or Adventure Crew positions or a lot the custom positions some Troops use.

Also - I’m not concerned with a lot of the Cub Scout Training or Sea Scout Training because I am a Boy Scout Troop.

Food for thought.


How about a screen like Manage > Settings > Manage Active Achievements so you can deselect the positions your troop doesn’t use?


That is exactly what I had in mind.

This is ticket #2504