Achievements Tab had different information for different scouts

For some of our scouts, the Achievements Tab has sub-selections for each of the Ranks they have completed as well as a tab for the Rank they are currently working on. For the ranks they have completed it shows when they achieved that rank. For the Rank they are working on all of the adventures and electives show up and it looks like you can mark off their progress here. This is the Case for our Tigers Den and Webelos Den.

For some other scouts only sub-selections for the Ranks they have completed show up. The rank they are currently working on does not show up so I cannot update their status. This is the case for our Wolves, Bears, and Jr. Webelos Dens.

Do I have a setting wrong for some of the scouts?


Hi @svansickle,

I think there is either a bug here or it just got caught up in the queue. To manually make it work, click “Start Achievement” and pick the rank from that list “(Wolves Badge (2015 +)” or something then hit Save and you should be good to go.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Thank you.

Looks like that worked. Now the bummer part is I need to do this for 25 kids … good thing we are not a huge pack :slight_smile:

If you want to, you can wait until they’ve completed something and just enter it in the Bulk achievement feature. (Just an option)

Yes, I may do that. We have never done on-line achievement tracking so I am just trying to determine how best to go about it.