FIXED: Brownie Aide award missing

“Brownie Aide” award is missing from the list of available GSUSA awards for Brownies

I’d be glad to add it, but can you please provide me with a link with the detailed requirements so I know what to do?

Thank you.

Step 1. Get Ready: Talk with your Girl Scout leader or an advisor about becoming a
Brownie Aide. With her help or with the help of our Girl Scout Council, find a
troop or group of younger Girl Scouts you can work with

Step 2: Get Set: Talk to the leader of the troop or group of younger Girl Scouts. Find
out what you can do to help out. Arrange with the Daisy Girl Scout
leader the times, dates, and place(s) that you will get together with the younger
girls. Discuss with her the activities you would like to lead for her at at least
three meetings. You can use the action plan in the “Adventures in Girl Scouting”
chapter for help in planning.

Step 3: GO! Meet with the younger girls. Partner with an adult leader to guide the
activities you chose. Work with your adult partner to decide when you are
finished and if you are ready for the Brownie Aide Award.

This looks like it might be a Colorado Council’s Own earned badge.

@Rainbow Hi there, I have added this award in the Counsel Own Category of Awards. Let me know if you need any further help with this award.


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