FIXED: Calendar, Return to Month of Event You Just Edited

After creating or editing an event, when Calendar button is clicked it always returns you to the current month, rather than the month of the event you just edited. The current version returns you to the month of the event you just edited.

Requesting that clicking Calendar button on the Calendar Details screen returns user to the month of the event that was just displayed. This restores the functionality of the current version.

When creating or editing events several months out it is annoying to have to click the forward button multiple times to get back to the month you were just working on.

For those who want to return the current month after editing an event in a different month, they can click the TODAY button with a single click.

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I assume based on the change in title this will wait until after the launch, but I have also now noticed this as an issue and does require more work to add multiple events in the future.

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@AaronStorey @jjeffery On the event details page there are two links to the calendar - one in the page menu and one under “Plan”. The one on the page menu (see below) will take you back to the same month you are already on. I’m updating the Plan menu tonight to do the same thing. It should be live in the morning.

Is that what you guys are looking for?


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Yes, that is great. Thank you.

Yes, the functionality is exactly what I was requesting. In fact you went beyond my original request which was only referencing the Calendar button on the page menu as you show in your screen capture above.
I hadn’t thought about whether to extend it to the Plan menu. Thank you.