IA Report not showing all items

(This may have been caused by the recent change to IA report.)

I inputted about 10 completed merit badges yesterday, 0 were recognized or awarded, and 1 Achievement. When I run the IA Report yesterday and today, only the achievement shows, and it shows twice.

All the items show correctly on the shopping list, so I’m fairly sure I entered them correctly.


Double check that you did not enter a date into Reported to Council. That is what keys weather an item shows on the Advancement Report. It would still show on the shopping list unless it was also checked as purchased.

Thanks Aaron,

Reported to Council is empty.


Hi @paulggardner,

What achievements were added and to whom? That way I can take a look at their profile.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing names on the community then you can shoot me an email with the name of the person and what they earned at support@trooptrack.com


David Keener

To anyone coming later, this has been resolved.


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