Text Editor Not Working

I am having incredible amount of problems with the text editor used in emails and in event descriptions. It’s almost unusable. Basic things like bold and underline and text color and text size at times just fail to work. The curser jumps all over the place so even if I click on on a specific text line and start typing, the text may fill 10 lines up. It’s mind numbingly annoying to fill out any sort of publication in that text editor. I’m not sure how to capture what I’m experiencing in any sort of screenshots for you to review. Perhaps a video call where I can share my screen and show you?


Hi Justin,

I’ve been made aware of some issues with the text editor recently and I’ve let out tech team know about some of those.

It seems there’s a few more that exist as well though. If you’d like you can just sign up for a demo (it wouldn’t need to be 30 minutes) and you could show me those issues?

You can sign up using this link.


David Keener

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack ,

I am having trouble getting the bulleting to work properly. I am copy-pasting from Google docs, and regardless of whether I paste as plain text or just use regular ctrl-V, I get formatting I just can’t work with. It won’t respond to basic commands in a predictable way.

Numbers are just popping up in weird ways that I can’t fix.

Thanks for any help!