FIXED: Progress Reports Not Working

Today I tried to use the progress reports from the Manage Units area. The report came up but I wasn’t able to change awards to see what the squad had completed. This is the most used feature by my leaders so it would be great if it could be working when the new version is rolled out!


I am seeing the same thing in both Chrome and Safari, from the Manage Den or Patrol page I select Progress Report, then select Change Award, get a drop down of available types of awards and click on any but never get a sub menu.

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For our tech team, just to add more context, Colleen has said:

“I cannot get the progress reports to work from the Manage Units page. I am unable to change the award to see the squad’s progress in the different awards. That is one of the most important features for us so if it isn’t working, we loose a lot of functionality and convenience of the site.”