Hours tracking (Camping, Service, etc...)

It appears that our troops hours are not being recorded. The hours were setup in the event, attendance recorded, yet when I run the report, the attendance isn’t correct and hours don’t show up. Anyone have this problem or can send me the correct process of adding and recording hours?


Troop701 Admin

Hi @Troop701mi,

This may very well be a bug, but to confirm that, I’ll need to take a closer look. Can you please tell me the name and date of the event in question and which report you ran?

Thank you!

I am not the original person who asked this question, but we have a member who has 39 hours, many of which are in year 2 and some in year 3 or her unit. Under the completion for the Lewis & Clark level award, it shows no hours for year 2 or 3 of her exlplorer unit. Can you help with this? What do you need from me to look into it. We are part of an AHG TN0516.