FIXED: Share/Troop Documents, Default Sort Sequence

It looks like you’ve changed the default sort sequence to have the most recently uploaded documents at the top of the list. Presumably this is because you’ve eliminated the Latest Content menu pick (which I’m ok with).

If you’re going to sort by the upload date, then you should display the upload date as a column. Otherwise the default presentation makes no sense to the user. (Personally, I would like to see the date uploaded displayed anyway. It gives the user the ability to sort the most recent documents to the top of the list. And it is useful to know how old the content is that you’re viewing.)

It would be good to be able to mark uploaded doc. as priority and always have them at the top of list.

Adding to the to-do list. Thanks!

Done! Check it out and let us know if you :heart: it.

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Yes, very happy with the addition. Thank you. A minor adjustment suggestion (and this may just be a personal preference) - I think I would put the Uploaded column on the right, just before the Action column. While it is a excellent field to have on the list screen, I don’t think it is the primary field people will look at when looking for a document. Having File Name and Description on the left where your eyes go first may be better.