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A while back, there used to be a way that would show all your documents by category. For example all my documents under the category “Leader Helps” would be listed under that heading. Each category had all it’s documents under it’s heading. Now unless I narrow it down by the category menu, all my documents show up in a higgley piggley order. For our families and leaders it was easier for them to find the documents they needed when the documents were listed by category on the main screen. Is it possible to get our documents set up that way again?

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I don’t remember that feature at all.

You’re saying there was like a button or something that created category headers and listed all documents on one page in their category?


For now, I think it would be easiest just to click the headers to sort or use the category filter until we can look into this.

I think it was just how they all came up. This was before the “Category” button. I took the screen shot from that Leader doc I made up so it’s a little fuzzy. :wink: I guess I was hoping there was a way to go back to that. :smile:


I’ll ask Spencer to take a look at it.

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While you are at it, can you put a drop-down function in the document category naming? This would allow us to select categories from a list, or add new categories if desired… that way we don’t keep adding mis-spelled categories…



Part of the reason we changed the formatting was to make the table sortable. Now you can click the “Category” header and the documents table gets sorted by category, to get the same effect as before.

I do like the drop-down idea, though…

THANK Spencer! That is PERFECT!!

Drop down list for categories, please.

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Our troop members cannot see our Troop Documents. Only a few adults can. Is there a specific setting that has changed in either a) documents or b) privileges that I need to set to allow all members to see documents? Thanks!

There was a bug that did not allow the documents to appear if the access level was left blank. This bug has recently been fixed, so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. As long as the user has a TT account, they should be able to see all documents where an access level wasn’t specified. Let us know if the problem continues, though!

We still can’t see any troop documents. Any idea what we can do?

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. When we fixed the previous bug, a new bug was accidentally created that prevented people from seeing the documents they ought to be seeing. We made some changes and fixed the problem, but it will take a few days for the fixed code to go live. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you Kelsie!! We tried everything and couldn’t figure it out.


None of my leaders can see documents except the ones that are marked for Troop Access. My board (who has more permissions) can see all the documents though. I’m guessing after this fix goes live, it will all be fixed and everyone will be able to see everything again??

Everything that they are supposed to, yes. :grinning:

Is there a way to create folders on the troop documents page? Thank you!

There is not, but this is an improvement we would possibly like to implement at some point. :slight_smile:

I just realized there are a bunch of our documents categorized incorrectly, so I’m changing them to Self so people can access them. Unfortunately, most of them have NO access level at all. Can anyone access these? I know I can with my Troop access, but what about the parents they are intended for?

Anyone can access those. It defaults to “self” if no level is set.