FIXED: Share/Document Details, Category & Access Level

  1. Category field is missing. Label is there, but field itself is not.

  2. Access Level used to default to “Self”. Now, there is no default which requires an additional click for every document being uploaded.

  3. Access Level is not required. Since it now defaults to blank, if you leave it blank you end up with a document with no Access Level. I would think this field should be required.

A couple of other things on that screen …

  1. After choosing the document to upload, if the path and file name are long, it wraps and overlays the label of the field below it (User).

  2. When you choose to Edit an existing document, having the button say “Upload” doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes the user is just changing the Title or Description and not uploading anything. I know it is labeled as Upload in the current version and maybe nobody has raised it as an issue. Just thought I’d bring it up while you’re in there changing the dialog box. Maybe the button could say something like Save or Save/Upload.


All fixed up! Hope you like it.

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