FIXED: Youth protection and chatterboxes?

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all safe and healthy.

Chatterboxes add a new way of communicating in your units. What rules, if any, do you think should be in place to keep communication with youth safe and compliant with youth protection standards?



For current BSA Youth Protection rules there needs to be at a minimum 2 adult leaders or an adult leader and a youths parent on all communications.

Thanks @AaronStorey. I’ll add a rule. Have you used chat much yet?

I’ve added a rule that prevents the use of a chatterbox that includes youth but does not include two adults. See attached. You will still be able to read the history, but won’t be able to post new chats.

Also, if you have the “manage chatterbox” privilege you have access to all chatterboxes even if you are not a member.

I sent out a test to see who had the app and might respond. I didn’t get any responses. I am going to send something out asking people to download the TT app.

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