Chatterbox Notifications

We have created a separate Chatterbox for each patrol within our troop. However, I’m receiving notifications for every chatterbox when there’s a new message…even the Chatterboxes of which I am NOT a member. Is this because I own the “Manage Chatterboxes” privilege? Would it be possible to select which chatterboxes I want notifications from and turn off notifications for the others? I have one patrol, of which my son and I are not members, that is particularly active on their Chatterbox and it’s constantly blowing up my phone. I can turn notifications off for my phone, but then I lose all notifications…for everything. Thanks for taking a look! Love the new feature, BTW!

Hi @toregan1,

Yes, those with the Manage Chatterboxes privilege enabled are automatically added to each chatterbox chat room and participate in all chatterboxes. This is for the safety of troops, especially when dealing with minors (youth).

Currently we do not have custom notification settings within TroopTrack. That is a great idea and something we have on our todo list.

Glad that you are liking the new chat features. Any recommendations on what you would like to see would be great. We would love to hear more about how you would maybe build what you are asking. Then we can hopefully build it!


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Speaking of notifications, to make Chatterbox a useful tool for communication, I feel like I need to see a notification without having to check if anyone has posted online or in the mobile app. Maybe I’m missing something.

Similar to MS Teams, I’d like to get a notice about a messge on my phone, if the app is installed, and if I do not open or see a new chat message within a configurable amount of time (5 mins, 1 hr, 1 day, etc), I get an email that so-and-so has posted a message in a chatterbox I’m a member of that I haven’t seen yet, with a preview of the message.