PENDING: Show Members

When I click on the Chatterbox Name on the header line (where it shows the name of the selected Chatterbox with the number of members in parenthesis), I’d like it to show the members. Or provide some other way for the sender to be able to view the list of members who they’re about to send a message to.

I realize that a properly named Chatterbox should imply who they’re talking to, but not always. Also, would be good re-enforcement that there are adults copied on the chats.

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It would be nice to see a quick list of who the message will go to. For your second point Chatterboxes are setup where if there are not two adults in the Chatterbox, and there are youth, you get an error and cannot send a message.

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Hi @AaronStorey, @jjeffery,

I too think that’s a great idea. I’ve sent it to our tech team, so they do know about it. We’re always looking for ways to improve.

Thanks for the suggestion,

David Keener

Hi @jjeffery,

Just letting you know that this was released, and is now apart of the TroopTract system.

Thanks for the great idea!

David Keener