Fundraiser Inventory Management

It would be great if we could manage inventory for fundraisers. Here are some use cases:

Track Inventory of Items
As a fundraising coordinator, I need to see which items are being offered as part of the fundraiser, and the quantity available so that I can account for sold, returned, or missing inventory.
- This should be overall numbers (e.g. - total number of wreaths, total number of candies, etc…)
- I should be able to see where they are located/assigned

Assign Inventory to People and Places (Must Have)
As the fundraising coordinator, I need to be able to assign quantities of the inventory to individuals and locations so I know where the products are located.
- Locations would be a defined place, such as “Stock”, “Building A”, or “Returned to Supplier”
- Inventory should only be assigned to a person or a location, not both
- Assigning quantities should be managed by the fundraising coordinator

Report of Inventory and Where Assigned (Must Have)
As the fundraising coordinator, I need to access a report quickly to allow me to see how much inventory remains and where it’s located.
- Report should identify who is assigned the inventory or where the inventory is located
- Report should only return results of the selected fundraiser
- Report should be available in .csv or .pdf formats

Allow Non-Coordinators to Initiate Transfer (Nice to Have)
As a participant in fundraising, I want to initiate a transfer in TroopTrack so that my fundraising coordinator knows that I transferred inventory to another person or location.
- Transfer should require approval from both parties involved in transfer
- If transfer is to a location, it must be approved by the fundraising coordinator

This is an interesting idea, usually the way the Ideas category works is someone posts and then the TT staff will see if there is support from other community members, if there is big support then they will consider adding the feature to the development list. This one would be a big one to develop. It will be interesting if many others will find it useful and add their like or comment.