Fundraisers on calendar

Would be really useful to have the Fundraisers appear on the Troop Calendar with all the other events.


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Right now - I create separate events for fundraising on the calendar.

I don’t know if I changed it or it was default - but I have an “event type” of Fundraiser (made the color Green for money of course) and we add milestones and reminder emails on due dates, starting of the seasons (popcorn, wreaths, etc…)

Conveniently I assign the person in change of that fundraising as the Adult Coordinator.

Also - I can attach the order forms to the events.


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@MatthewPodraza, thanks, I do the same, however, my thinking is that the fundraising chair currently has the ability to create a fundraiser and put all the info in TroopTrack to set it up, why not then have an event created on the calendar automatically and linked to the Fundraiser? I think it would make the Adoption of the capability more seamless.

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I agree. It would be really nice to automatically tie in an event to the fundraiser.

Although the auto-adding of fundraisers onto the calendar would be nice, there are a lot of units (like ours) that actually have “one” fundraiser that actually happens at multiple times per year- an example is the putting up of flags and taking them down around specific holidays throughout the year.

It would be an outgrowth of the “create an event automatically idea”, but in those cases we’d just keep creating manual fundraiser events like Matthew mentioned. It’s definitely a nice to have.