Getting Previously Created Calendar Events to New Members

Yes, yes!!! When the list is “everyone” it would be great to not have to go back in and edit the event to add new people.

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A few things need to happen before we can add this. It’s called the Membership Resolver. First it will be added to the new emails feature and then it will be added to events. Keep an eye out for Dave’s updates on it!


Hi @mlsully2002,

Any update on when this will be rolled out?



Hopefully the wait is not too much longer. Dave posted a pic of the new emails system recently and he’s got a few more things he wants to do before he releases that. The membership resolver will come either with or right after that.

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Has there been any announcements I’ve missed on this?


Yes and no. The membership resolver we are building will be released as part of the new email system and then we can apply it to events.

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@mlsully2002 - For fear of sounding like a broken record, is there any time estimate to expect this to be resolved? Our pack just started using TroopTrack, and like others, I built the calendar first, then added scouts and families, so it’s a lot of clicking to make everything show up properly. I get around this by setting the calendar default to All Items, but this is not optimal since leader events, like Roundtable meetings, show up for parents and they might feel that it’s something they need to attend. Thanks for any update you can provide!

I spoke with Spencer about this the other day. We’re thinking about maybe some sort of refresh button on events that will resolve new membership, but no final decision on it. I’ll bring it up in our meeting tomorrow morning.

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Perhaps a single global “refresh” button that will go through all future events and refresh the members invited to those events. If I have to open each event to get to a refresh button, that’s just as much work as I’m doing now. (Once I view an event, it shows properly for new users. I do not need to edit the event.) I know it might seem like a lot of future events could be involved, and for some units that’s a possibility. But most units will likely only have around 100 future events if they plan a year out. In our area there are some popular Boy Scout camps that have 2-3 year waiting lists, similar to Philmont. Imagine the turnover that can take place within a troop in 2-3 years! Having a global refresh button would be helpful for those units as well.

Anything new to report on this? The new year is about to start and that’s when this issue is most painful.


We discussed this recently, but there is a certain direction the developers want to focus on right now and this will be fixed as a result, but there is no direct effort on it yet.

I’d really like to see this resolved too. Any update?

@KelsieC - Can you provide any update on when this should be resolved? I just had 3 new Cub Scouts join our pack last night, and I have to go into each event for the next few months and open it so that it will show for them. This is inconvenient, at best. Thanks!

Our developer is working on a fix to this issue right now, but he is still in the process of testing it for bugs and other problems - like what happened with all of the service hours. We hope to have it up soon, but we’d rather take a little extra time bug-smashing now than have a big issue on our hands after the fact. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience with us!

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FYI, This was fixed around 12 Feb 2018. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the third item on the bullet list,

We update who is invited to events more quickly

also resolved this issue. Any time you view an event, it “refreshes” who is invited to the event. Here are some more things that will refresh who is invited to the event:

  • Creating/Updating an event
  • Viewing the event’s details page
  • Sending event invites/reminders
  • Sending the newsletter (All events in the newsletter will be “refreshed”.)

The last two are especially nifty because they happen automatically behind the scenes. So if you create your events in May, schedule them to send invitations 2 weeks ahead of time, and then enter a bunch of new members in August, they’ll all get the right invitations and newsletter content without you having to do a thing. :confetti_ball: They’ll then be able to RSVP directly from the invitation, and life will be peachy. :tada:


I added a new member to TT. But our Calendar events didn’t add the new person to our previously created events. I tried refreshing. So I’ve had to go into EACH event, to uncheck & recheck “everyone,” to get the system to grab the new name.

From what @Spencer said the new people are automatically added to the event when the invite/reminder/newsletter goes out. You shouldn’t have to go into each event as it sounds like it will refresh and pull the new members as part of the process of sending out the invite/reminder/newsletter. If in your experience this isn’t working properly then send an e-mail to with some examples and they can take a look and see if there is a bug or something else that might be preventing this from happening correctly.

I had to manually add the person, so she could RSVP in time.

Did you have to manually add them or where they added just by you going into the Details of the event? From what @Spencer said above it should have added them automatically just going into the Details of the event.

I went back into the Event, then unchecked & rechecked “everyone.” Then saved it. Then TT pulled in the new member name.