Girl Scout Awards

This is still messed up and REALLY awful if trying to use an iPad or the app - you cannot select any of these badges as you cannot read them on a tablet or phone format. I would love to be able to enter badge requirements as they are completed at meetings or events!

Hi @karengottlieb

Did you send me the link to the free PDF files for the new badges?

Also, is the trouble seeing the badges due to the same screenshot you posted above? Can you send me screenshots from your iPad? Are you using the app or web browser?

Okay, so GS just removed the free PDF files. But I have a copy of one of them - the Cadette Outdoor Art badge.

Here is the screenshot from the iPad version showing badges out of order (group by age level)

And here is the screenshot when you try to use the web browser to enter info on the fly at a meeting (since the app doesn’t always save/sync and we are not sure if we can trust it)

I will show these to Dave and see what he can do about it.

@karengottlieb Quick update: The new outdoor badges are added now. Still waiting on a solution for the out of order badges on the drop down menu.

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Thanks for adding the new outdoor badges. Just a few quick corrections:

  1. They should be filed under the regular list of badges for each level (i.e. Cadette Badges)
  2. Some of the outdoor badges are incorrectly listed under the category “STEM”. This is not a category of GS badges. All new badges should just be listed under “Badges”. They type (STEM, legacy, etc.) is merely a description. Listing them separately in different categories just makes them hard to find.
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It would be great if the Animal Helpers and Night Owl could be moved into Cadette Badges instead of Other (Cadette) on the Achievements tab.

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There are also some badges showing with the age level as part of the name (i.e. “Junior Eco-Camper”). This is incorrect. The badge name is simply “Eco-Camper” but it should be listed under the Junior age level. When you add the level as part of the name, it no longer appears in the correct alpha order and it is hard to find.

Yes please!!! There are a few badges like this on EVERY level.

any update on this yet? Showing the badges out of order is like showing BSA merit badges mixed in with Cubs/Tigers belt loops, etc. Just not logical!!!

I wanted to follow up on some of the previous notes and see if there were plans to add the Outdoor Art Expert badge information for Senior Girl Scouts? I saw that several of the others were put under STEM?

Level - Girl Scout Seniors
Badge Name - Outdoor Art Expert

  1. Explore art outdoors
  2. Make something!
  3. Create or share music inspired by nature
  4. Capture nature digitally
  5. Design outdoors

I apologize for getting to this so late. Could you guys email me with clarification about which things still need to be fixed as far as awards under the wrong category and so forth? I noticed that some were in the wrong place and others had been corrected. My email address is

As far as changing the order, that is a coding thing and I have let our developer know about it. I will let you know when I know something.

So, to clarify, the STEM badges shouldn’t be under the category for STEM. In fact, STEM shouldn’t be a category at all. The badges within that category should be under the appropriate level (Daisy, Cadette, etc.).

Can you let me know if that is accurate?

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Yes, that is correct.
GSUSA adds new badges every year. They “categorize” them by type of badge (STEM, Legacy Art, etc.) but those categories are not part of the badge name.


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Ok sounds good. I am going through and adding them to the appropriate category (Daisy Badge, Cadette Badge, etc.) and retiring them within the STEM category. That way, those who have already used the incorrect ones won’t lose progress, but they cannot be added anymore. If any of the awards aren’t showing up, make sure to check that it is turned on for your troop under Manage > Settings > Manage Active Achievements.

Kelsie -

Any update as to when you will be adding all the new GS badges & journeys? Outdoor journeys are missing and I need to record them for several levels of girls in our troop…I don’t want to make a Custom Award then have to go back later to correct it. Please advise.

I am planning on working on those this week. They are on my agenda for tomorrow, in fact. I apologize for the delay.

I apologize for the delay in this. I am going to be sitting down tonight and over the next few days to restructure the order (just on paper). Can you email me at so that I have your email address, and I will send you an outline of how I intend to structure everything? Thanks!

sending an email to you now