Girls, Registration, Access, Parent vs Adult

I want my girls to be able to access the website to track their badges and so forth. I have sent them an email about it but it doesn’t allow me to send them a registration email. I don’t know if that is even an option. So I took my older girls and uncheck the box that says that they are a youth, thinking this might work. Unfortunately, when I did that it took my Senior girl and turned her into a “parent” rather than an adult, like it did to my Cadettes. Is this due to her birthdate? How can I change her from being a “parent” to just being an “adult”? Can I send them registration emails without them having to be in the adult/parent category? Has this already been asked because I did a search and couldn’t find the answer. Thanks.

Hi @Leebrashi,

If you go to Manage > Members > User Accounts, you will see that pretty much everyone has a user name. That means they can log into TroopTrack and look at their information. They do not need to be set as adults or parents. You can send a password reset to any girl unable to log in from that User Accounts screen, too. They just need an email address.

Thank you. You have been very helpful.


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