Email for older girls in Troop Track

Some of my Pioneers/Patriots would like their email in troop track so that they can get the emails we send out rather than waiting for parents to communicate it. Also it encourages independence from their parents on their assignments. However, I can’t figure out how to enter an email for a scout (ie my own daughter) under the girl’s profile. How can we do that? Thanks!

Thanks for bringing this up - I was wondering about it, too.

We have a mom who does not use email, so I was wondering if it would be a good idea to include the daughter in the emails. Is there a minimum age limit for adding a girl’s email address to TT?


I’m not sure of age limit, but I’m doing it for my high school girls if they request it and if we have the parent’s permission to do so.

The scouts themselves should be able to update it, if they have their own account. If you go to the profile of the girl, you will see her name, address, household, birthday, etc. Somewhere near the middle is a section called “Contact Info,” and a the word “Edit” in blue. Just click the edit button and the youth should be able put in her own email address and other contact info.

If the youth does not have her own separate account, then parents have two workaround options, explained below:

  1. Go to Quick Nav > Members. A parent (with no other access/privileges) should be able to see all of the scouts in his/her household. They simply need to click on the scout in question, edit the contact info, and then hit save. This will email the girls even though they don’t have their own log-in account, assuming the email in question is sent using the appropriate mailing list. Emails will only get sent to the girls if these mailing lists are used, so some emails can still just go to parents, if desired.

  2. A parent can get onto their own account, add the girl’s email address as a secondary email on their account using the same process, only putting it in the “Secondary email address” field, and then going to their name at the very top of the page, selecting “Email Preferences” from the dropdown menu, and checking the last box, which says “Send copies of all emails sent to me to my secondary email address too” and this will send any emails that go to the parent’s account to the daughter’s email as well.

If none of these options works, please submit a help desk so we can fix the problem. Thanks!

A similar question related to girls’ email addresses. When parents are registering through AHG Connect they do not always list an email address for their daughters especially if they are Tenderhearts/Explorers. My question is will a girl’s account for RSVPing, etc, default to the parents email if it isn’t provided initially through AHG Connect? I am wondering if I will have to go into TT and manually add the parent’s email address to a girl’s account so that the girl can RSVP to an event.


There is a setting where you can have all emails sent to scouts also send to parents. This can be turned on by going to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings. On the “TroopTrack Settings” tab, there is a checkbox near the center that says “Copy parents on all scout emails.” This would eliminate the need to go in and manually add the parents’ email addresses to the child’s profile.