Giving Leaders More Access to Sign Up Sheets


It would be great to give troop leaders access to sign members up for things in sign up sheets. For example in my troop we have “jobs” the parents can sign up for. If I make a sign up sheet and I already know a parent wants to be the snack coordinator, for example, it would save time to just be able to put her in that slot. Currently we can only do this for members of our household. I can see why this ability wouldn’t go to any member but it would be helpful to leaders I’d think.


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I agree! I just tried to edit my sign up sheet to fix a posting by a family and I can’t do it.

Another case for this option would be doing a paper sign up sheet in the meeting and then having a leader go in and add what people signed up for. While we encourage our parents and scouts to use TroopTrack it is still new and we realize they may not have time to go in. If we as admins could have this control that would be great.


I agree. This causes confusion as well because the parents ask why we as leaders can’t add them to the sign-up. This allows the parents to eventually forget about the sign-up and end up not signing up because they forget they have to go back in to TroopTrack to sign-up.

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