Emailing Sign Up Sheet Participants

I don’t think this is a feature, but I’m not sure. Perhaps I’ve missed it. Our troop lives the Sign Up Sheets, but we cannot figure out how to email participants who have signed up without doing it manually. Is there a way to do that?


HI Crissi,

Thanks for bringing this up in The Community! I’ve changed your question type into an Idea type. We always appreciate our users trying to make TroopTrack a better place. Your suggestion of making a way to email people who have volunteered on sign up sheets (without having to make a custom list for it) sounds like a cool one.

While our Developers consider this feature, try to have other TroopTrack members you know comment their support of the idea.

Thanks for using TroopTrack!


I’m actually kind of glad it’s not a feature that I missed. :blush: I searched and searched for it thinking it was.

Thanks for changing it to the Ideas section!

Sorry to be clueless, but how are sign-up sheets different than RSVPs?


+1 on support for this idea.

Sign Up Sheets allow you to enter things you may need for an event. For example, when camping, we expect our campers to help with food. So the girl/leader in charge of food will make up a list and create a sign up sheet with needed food items on them. Then families can sign up for particular items.

We’ve also used it for things like needing volunteers. Our Court of Awards has an opening flag ceremony where we need 2 girls from every squad. We create a sign up sheet with the “item needed” as a 1st grade scout. And we need 2 of those “items”. Then we add the 2nd grade squad to the list of people listed and TT sends them an email to say, “You have an assignment”. They can follow the link, see what we need and then volunteer their daughter. Once the “items” are filled, no one else can sign up for it.

RSVPing to an event would just be someone saying I’m coming. You can have them list what they would bring in the notes section of their RSVP. But the sign up sheet allows a little more control over who is bringing what and helps you from getting 3 of one thing b/c a family didn’t scroll to the notes section and see who is bringing what.

Hope that helps!

I 2nd this idea! Right now I set up a and include a link in a TroopTrack email. This way as the Den Leader I can communicate to all the parents in the den what supplies we need for the activities for the current badge. They can all see who signed up for what and what is still outstanding. I don’t have to manage and sort through emails that way. Not efficient.

It works, but it would be nice to have this as a feature within TroopTrack. Our Pack does not provide supplies for any of the activities. Each den has to figure out how to provide the supplies. As den leader I won’t take on the financial cost alone to purchase all the supplies. Plus, one of the Scout laws is “Thrifty” so why buy a supply like clothespins, tape, pencils, if someone already has a surplus they are not using in their home that they can bring.

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I’m curious if this feature has been added? I am needing to send a reminder to those who have signed up on a Sign Up Sheet.

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This would be a great addition to the Sign Up Sheets. While we might tend to over communicate at times and it could get lost in the plethora of messages but having the ability to have a reminder go out about what people have signed up for or even refresh the memory of those who have not signed up would be great. Automated would be best even Manual buttons would be ok.

We would utilize this option as well!

Is there any more talk of adding this feature? I have a sign up sheet right now for Operation Christmas Child Volunteers and need to email the participants… This would be so helpful!!

Any updates on this one?