Going back in time


I’m trying to get some information for the Journey to Excellence and I’m struggling with the roster information.

Is there a way to have a snapshot of our dens, siblings etc as of 10/31/2018?

I need to know how many scouts we had (i.e. excluding the siblings), how many AOL (who crossed over) etc.
I also need to know what adults had leadership positions so that I can check the training requirements.

PLEASE tell me there is a solution…

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Hi Nicolas,

Unfortunately, TroopTrack does not save nor track times and dates of den changes. So there is no snapshot as you have explained. As for leadership positions, if those were entered into TroopTrack you should be able to find/see those.


I went to my.scouting.org to get training info because TT is only as good as the data entered. :slight_smile: (I don’t know what position you have…you may have to get access, or have someone else pull the info.)
And because all the training is listed as codes instead of the name of the training, I found this
As for your roster for last year, it will help if you can get a copy of the recharter paperwork that you handed into your Council.
I hope this is helpful! (If you want to, feel free to contact me at karenmessinger76@gmail.com. :slight_smile: )