Highest Rank Achieved Report Needed

I would like a report that lists Scouts by their highest rank achieved and their age. Currently, your reports show ALL ranks achieved by a Scout and that takes up far too much paper. I have muddled through your report creator and have exported to Excel, but have yet to achieve what I want, yet. Thank you.

Hi @ScottNewman,

Check out Manage > Reports > Create Users Report and use “Full Name”, “Age”, “Current rank name”, and “Current rank completed on”.

You can also use Achieve > Rank Book with filters to narrow it down and find out that way.


Your first answer worked with one caveat, I added the “Scout” field and then when the report displayed, I sorted on it so it would put all the leadership at the bottom instead of intermixed. Thanks. Now, how to I share that report with other admins from our troop?

Other admins should be able to go to Manage > Reports and pick your new report from the list. You could also download it and send it as an attachment to an email or download it and place it under Share > Troop/Pack Documents.