Scouts" needing" reports

On Packmaster there was a way to print out a report for individual scout to show what parts of requirements they are lacking. Is there a way to do this on here? I like to give reports to parents each month so if they need to catch up they know exactly what they are lacking.

Hi @CSPack451knox,

You have several options here. You can go to the individual scout’s profile, go to the “Achievements” tab, and click the Printer button next to a specific rank to show the requirements and current progress. Also near the top of that screen you can click the “Reports” dropdown and print or email detailed/summary records for the scout.

You can also use Achieve > Achievement Overview to see requirements.

Achieve > Rank Book is VERY useful. You can narrow it down to the scout and see what parts are required.

Achieve > Merit Badge Book works much the same way as the rank book.

You may also try Manage > Reports to see if there’s a report you like better there or if you’d like to make a custom report.

Check those out and let me know which one is closest to what you were looking for or if we need to create a new report for this.


Thanks! That was so easy I’m embarrassed I asked now lol . Thank you so much.

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