Household User Permission Questions

We would like parents to be able to enter badgework and service hours for their kids, but not be able to sign off on them. Is there a way with permissions to do this?

Also, looks like household users can email/text anyone thru trooptrack, is there anyway to disable this? We only want emails/texts coming from our leadership.


Hi @saintvahg,

Currently, when you put in a date or enter parts of a badge, that is going to be the sign off. We don’t have a two step process for it (enter the badgework then sign off), it’s just: enter date and that means it was completed on that date. So you may ask your parents to not enter the dates and service hours of things you need to sign off on, or just not give them the privilege.

As for the emails, this is a bug we are working on. Thank you.

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