How can I register other members for an event?

Can the site owner or an event leader add other members to an event? Or can members only add themselves? Example SOAR had a feature to allow you to ‘Register Others’ for an event.

If your event has Guests Allowed enabled then Members or Leaders can add Guests to a Members RSVP, it does not allow for adding named Guests just adding an additional number of people to their RSVP, adults or youth. If the event requires Payment then as an Admin you must add people and additional guests from the Payment Page.

Thank you for the reply and suggestion. I was hoping to be able to add the members names. This would allow for easier communication to the members that are signed up.

You could change this Question to an Idea and then see if other members of the community respond saying this is something they would like as well. If it gets good Community Support then I will take it to the TT Admins and see if it is something that could be looked at for a future enhancement. At this point if you really wanted peoples contact info added you would need to add them as a member of your group in TT, you could create a “Guest” Patrol/Den/Unit and have them in there. I have done something like this for guests that started coming regularly.

Caveat: I haven’t studied the documentation on how Guests are supposed to function for Events, especially RSVP.

But my use case is this: Our troop has a full-sized school bus that we use for troop outings.
For OA events, we tend not to fill the bus, so we attempt to allow scouts from other troops ride with us.
But we need to track who they are, and permission slips. Not just nose count, but names.

The same use case could be if you are preparing for Philmont, or national jamboree, and this involves scouts across multiple units.

Anyways, that’s why I’d like to be able to register Guests in a way that at least lets me enter their contact info and name, etc. Right now I have to track all that in Another System Of Record.