How can I reset attendance to "not recorded" state?

That’s pretty much the whole thing. Once something has been set, there doesn’t appear to be any unsetting. Since no attendance was actually taken for the event in question, I’m stuck with a bad state that has parents asking me questions…

Hmm I just tried and it just set everyone to Did Not Attend. As far as I can see the only way to completely reset it after already recording is to delete the event and create it again. Hopefully someone has an easier way!

Maybe like a setting or checkbox in the event creation process that says “Not taking attendance” or something? And then it will just not show attendance records for that event? The simple solution would be to take attendance or explain to parents that you don’t take attendance on certain events, but I’m not opposed to asking the developers for a new setting.

Something like that. “Attendance not taken” is more like it in some cases.
We usually take attendance at meetings but sometimes forget our records are