How do I control the time when newsletters are sent out?

It appears that are newsletters are sent out at 12 or 1 AM. Is there a way to get these to come out at different times (say 8 AM).
Some of the parents have issues with these coming that early in the morning.


I don’t mean to sound snide but… can’t they just ignore them until the next day?

It sounds like for some of them, they have a work phone that is required to be on at all times. When they get pings at 12 or 1 AM they have to make sure it’s not a work related message.

To answer your original question… I’ve seen a related topic come up before and no, it looks like the batch for all newsletter generation/emailing starts at the same time for all of TroopTrack. I hope to learn differently if I’m wrong…

Hi @bhallse and @njmike,

@njmike is right. We have a queueing system and that decides when they go out.


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